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This assignment of TSL 3109 Managing the Primary ESL Classroom had gave me a lot of experiences and values that are very useful for me to use in the future. For the first task, it was to be done in group. Each group is given a topic and to do research on the topic. My group, Dg Nurzarith Fatima bt Abdul Razak, Wong Chai Ling and I myself had been given the topic; The classroom management theories: Theories of Democratic Teaching (Rudolf Dreikurs). We had discussed on the areas of presentation such as definition/description of theories, the approaches/strategies the theories offer, the strength and weaknesses of the theories and the practicality of the theories in a local ESL classroom. I also had learnt on how to state whether the theories that are appeal to me and how to provide reasons for the theories.


From this assignment, I also understand more on the classroom management theories. There are a lot of theories that I can apply during my teaching in the ESL classroom in the future. These theories would be a great help as a teacher in how I should control the classroom and how to manage students with behaviour and learning problems. This assignment also teach and give me ideas on how to improve the technique of teaching and classroom management as the assignment include the approaches and the strategies of using the theories. In addition, I also learnt on how to search for the correct information. My topic was the practicality of the theories in a local ESL classroom. In this area I learn on how the Theories of Democratic teaching was implemented during the lesson.


Through this assignment, the democratic teaching, from my understanding, we are able to develop the skill of the children. The students will be more active to participate in any activities by giving ideas during discussion and others The development of the students in their participation, giving ideas/opinions and giving feedback are totally increase. As conclusion, with democratic classroom everyone are expected to participate in a discussion about a certain topic or the freedom to choose what they want to do in classroom or for  tutorial as long as it is related with the topic given.




For this assignment, I had observe an ESL lesson and get to comment on how the teacher teaching or manages his/her classroom. I also get to see the original management plan of the class which include the climate in and outside the class and the teaching and learning processes. Then, the part where I had to revised the management plan for the class which also include the climate in and outside the class and the teaching and learning processes. Here, I got the chance on how to improvise the original management plan into a better management plan for the class. Based on the theories that we had learnt, I was able to revise the management plan for the class.


As conclusion, I was very grateful for completing my assignment and the help that I gain from the group members. I also thank my fellow classmate for their oral presentation that gave me a lot of information that are related to this assignment.


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